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Consejo Landings News

2019-01 Belize Electric Ltd completes full electrification of all subdivided lots for Consejo Landings. 


2018-08 Consejo Landings receives the quotation and awards the completion of the electrical distribution system to Belize Electric Ltd.


2018-05 Consejo Landings Ltd tenders for full electrification of remaining subdivision parcels.

2018-04 The Ministry of Natural Resources Land Registry issues individual Land Certificates for all subdivided lots to Consejo Landings Limited.


2017-10 Consejo Landings Ltd completes tower control room and acquires functioning internet services.


2017-09 The Ministry of Natural Resources Land Registry accepts Consejo Landings' application for mutation after receiving all necessary documentation and payment.

2017-09 The Honourable Minister of Natural Resources has granted Consejo landings Limited FINAL APPROVAL TO SUBDIVIDE.  (To view)

2017-07 Consejo Landings Ltd completes excavation of the beach area. The retaining wall system is being assembled by meticulously fitting field rock to provide a natural grotto look. Upon completion of the retaining wall, sand will be added to the water and beach to finish the project.

2017-07 Consejo Landings awards contract for Phase 2 electrical distribution to Belize Electric Ltd.


2017-05 Consejo Landings Ltd signs an agreement with an internet service provider to supply broadband communications to the subdivision. Consejo Landings Ltd will install a 100' tower to ensure that consistent and reliable internet service is available for all of the owners.

2017-05 Consejo Landings Ltd tenders Phase 2 electrical distribution system to Belize Electric Ltd.

2017-05 Consejo Landings Ltd submits application for FINAL APPROVAL to Ministry of Natural Resources.

2017-04 Consejo Landings Ltd completes authenticated plan of all surveys.

2017-04 Consejo Landings Ltd receives Tax Identification Number 203347 from the Belize Department of General Sales Tax. Consejo Landings directors agree to maintain pricing levels and absorb the 12.5% tax.

2017-03 Phase 1 electrical distribution installation completed.

2016-12 Consejo Landings Ltd receives provisional approval to subdivide from the Hon. Minster of Natural Resources on the advice of the Land Utilization Authority.

2016-11 Consejo Landings enters into agency agreement with BES to provide environmental solutions for individual residential waste systems management to comply with the Environmental Compliance Plan issued by the Belize Department of Environment.

2016-10 Consejo Landings tenders Phase 1 electrical distribution system to Belize Electric Ltd.

2016-10 Consejo Landings Ltd receives registered quarry permit from the Mines and Mineral Department of Belize.


2016-09 Consejo Landings Ltd receives the Environmental Compliance Plan from the Belize Department of the Environment.


2015-09 Consejo Landings Ltd submits the application for subdivision to the Lands Utilization Authority.

2015-08 Consejo Landings Ltd receives Certificate of Title LRS-201509334 from the Government of Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

2015-07 Consejo Landings Ltd signs an agreement with TunichNah Consultants to perform an environmental study of the property for development purposes.

2014-11 Consejo Landings Ltd directors acquire the property known as Consejo Road S.E. Block 1 Parcel 172.

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